En El Camino a los Yungas, secandose los calcetinesIn September 2011, Spanish journalist Alicia Sornosa began a motorcycle journey that would change her life. After just three months of planning, she left her homeland on a BMW F 650 GS for Africa, travelling on to India, Australia, the USA, Canada and Alaska, before journeying south all the way to Tierra del Fuego. After five continents and over 80,000 kilometres, she became the first Spanish woman to go round the world on a motorcycle.

Having been inspired by the diversity of life and the daily struggle for many across our amazing planet, the BMW Motorrad Spain ambassador has returned to the South American continent with a film crew to record a TV series – Mythical Roads – documenting the people she meets on the road and explaining their way of life in these remote locations. She will ride a BMW F 700 GS supplied by BMW Motorrad Spain and will travel with Chilean social worker and guide Andrés Pérez-Ramírez, who will ride an F 800 GS supplied by the BMW Motorrad importer in Chile. In an exclusive interview, Alicia talks about her hopes and dreams for the exciting and challenging journey ahead…When you make such a fantastic ‘round the world’ adventure, is it impossible to return to a ‘normal’ life afterwards?

It’s complicated, the priorities in my life have changed, my interests, the way I see the world around me… everything is different. My life is not the same as it was, and it won’t be the same again. Now I’m restless, I know how big the world is and how short our lives are – and I want to see as much of it as I can. From a job in an office in the city, that is not possible.

Was it ok to be a solo woman, alone on the road? Did people look after you?

I think it has actually been an advantage to be a woman. When travelling alone I have been treated really well, women are less aggressive and we don’t cause fear to anyone – we bring out tenderness in people. Between us, we understand each other, the kids come to us, and the men often want to help a female motorcyclist who is less physically strong than they are. Travelling as a female motorcyclist, I have never wished it any other way, and I think women have a different perspective of things than men. People are generally good by nature, and I have been helped, treated well and carefully, by so many people along the way.

How excited are you to be making a TV series about your next travels?

I’m very excited, after the journey round the world on my BMW, I would like to use my profession, as a journalist, to tell everyone my story.

You start with the Americas continent, but there is so much to see and film. What are you looking forward to most?

I want to show the good nature of the people. The stories of the elderly, those full of knowledge and experience. It important to meet the people to gain trust in humanity. In this new documentary series Mythical Roads we will show the hardest roads, the people, the different ways of life, the role of women, and most importantly we will be offering social assistance to those in need. We will arrive by the hard roads to the isolated villages with our BMWs (F 700 GS and F 800 GS). In these small villages we will offer art, music and help. The Chilean Andrés Pérez-Ramirez, besides being an excellent motorcycle rider, is also an artist. I will connect with older women and portray their way of life and their oldest stories and experiences. It is a documentary series of 12 chapters with all the ingredients of an adventure of solidarity – the biker solidarity!

What is the most important story you want to tell on your travels?

That the good of humanity is not lost, and despite the many differences in our lives, we are all human and basically the same. All want to be close to their own, with a home, and with something to fight for.

When do you leave, when do you return and how many kilometres do you expect to ride?

We leave in January, and will be back in March or April to plan a fantastic route that I have pending, to Japan. This year marks the 500th anniversary of relations between Spain and Japan and this great moment in time presents a fantastic opportunity. In South America I’ll do around 15,000 km to add to the 83,000 km already completed.

Why choose the F 700 GS? What do you think of this bike?

I learned to ride on the F 650 GS, which the F 700 GS replaces. Although being the smallest motorcycle in its class, it is capable of performing on all terrain, and I am not aware of anyone who has documented any extensive travel on this model, so I would like to test it, and document my experience. Also, it is particularly lightweight and manageable, with respect to the F 800 GS or R 1200 GS. Perhaps I will make the trip to Japan on a 1200cc boxer… We will see!

What will you miss most about Spain when you are away?

I will miss my family, my sisters and brother, their children, my parents, and the food, which is not the same anywhere else, except maybe in Peru.

Good luck from everybody at BMW Motorrad!


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  1. Je suis votre voyage et je suis impressionnée une femme et petite partir à moto Quels conseils vous donneriez aux femmes comme vous qui rêvent de voyage et qui sont petites?
    J ai la 650 GS en petite taille avez vous mis un pignon de 16 sur votre moto pour le voyage ? Combien pesait votre moto chargée et pour le relever par terre quand on tombe ?
    Pendant toute votre voyage avez vous été seule des fois pour rouler?
    Donnez nous des conseils
    Ecrivez un livre ou racontez les points techniques et pratiques dans des vidéos Merci à la super motarde

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